Thursday, August 16, 2012

Squid and Sharks Invade Maine Inshore Waters

Strange things happening along Maine’s coast during the 2012 fishing season. First, an invasion of squid occupied the inshore waters of Maine from Kittery to Penobscot Bay. They were so thick, I caught them while jigging for mackerel with a standard sabiki rig and with a fly while chasing striped bass. In the middle of the day! People who actually wanted bucket loads of squid did so easily at night from a well lit dock area or on a boat with a strong light like a Coleman camping light. I for one have never seen such a strong run of squid from July through August. The numerous squid I caught were in four to 14 inches in size. There wasn’t any consistency to the size during a given bite. I haven’t spoken with anyone who has a good reason why so many squid invaded Maine’s inshore waters this year. Does anyone have a good response to why it happened? Personally, I know nothing about squid except striped bass love them. It’s their favorite food. Then there was the verified, mid August shark sighting at the Great Island Boat Yard in Harpswell, Maine . That’s way inside, not just outside the beach. There was another report of a shark just 50 yards of the beaches in the Wells area. That action closed the beaches at least for one day. On August 15, 2012 I recorded an all time, personal high water temperature of 77.6 degrees Farenheit in the Cundys Harbor waters at high tide when the coldest water of the day had flushed in. All these unusual events have had impacts on striped bass fishing.

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