Monday, June 16, 2008

Maine Striped Bass Migration Stalled

Mid-Coast Maine striped bass fishing has been slow. Casco Bay and the famed Kennebec River are blessed with prolific bait supplies such as mackerel, pogies, herring and numerous crustations just waiting to be attacked by large striped bass. The big migration of massive schools of stripers hasn't appeared yet, but will soon. My experience on Cape Cod during May and early June indicated a late migration of ten days to two weeks. With that in mind, stripers should arrive any day now. Reliable reports are filtering in indicating bluefin tuna are off Maine's coast. I haven't personally been out to look yet, but it is encouraging to hear tuna are again in close, available to small boats. Football tuna have become a regular pursuit for several years now. Let's hope it coninues.