Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sweet Apples and White Oaks for Good Deer Areas

This may be a little late for the 2015 hunting season, but make note of it for future years. An old "hot shot" deer hunter once told me to look for two items in the woods for almost guaranteed deer magnet spots to hunt. The first was white oak acorns which are sweater than the prolific red oaks of Maine. If you find one mark it well and remember to hunt it often. The other magnet area is one with "sweet" wild apples. The only way to test for the flavor is to take a bite. If you feel like eating the entire apple, it is likely sweet enough to attract deer better than the more bitter ones. This year, southern and coastal Maine had bumper crops of wild apples and the one pictured tasted mighty good. We will see if the area produces for me. To date I haven't hunted this spot, but will soon.