Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Maine July 4th Striped Bass Report

With the big July 4th holiday a day away, it's time to seriously fish for striped bass in Maine waters.

Stripers in the 40 to 50 inch range have been caught all season long from New York to Maine. If you want to catch a striper of a life time, this is the season to do it as the year classes are ripe for the picking with almost any method of fishing. The 53 pound fish above was taken on Cape Cod using a fly rod. It would have been an IGFA world record if the rules procedure had been pursued, but the angler wanted the fish released quickly to avoid killing it.

Water temperature on the east side of Casco Bay haven't reached 60 degrees yet. For several weeks the reading has been between 56 and 58 degrees. That's a little cold for this time of the year, but it beats 70 degree. Bait has been good with drop back alewife and blueback herring in good supply and mackerel getting better daily. There are times when small baits work better than large for the big fish. Although a good rule to go by is to use big bait for big fish.

Right now, the best fishing for striped bass in Maine waters seems to be around the Kennebunk and Wells areas south of Casco Bay, including down to the New Hampshire border. The 2011 season is getting off to a better start than the past three years. Lets hope it continues.