Thursday, May 19, 2011

Big Stripers Hit Cape Cod Shores

I have been on Cape Cod guiding for a week and fishing has been very good for large fish. This one is top prize so far, a 50 pounder on the fly.


kaufmann said...

"top prize, so far..."
Now that is true down east modesty and, I guess, optimism when discussing the landing of a fify pound striper on a fly. The record striped bass according to IFGA is 51 pounds.

Congratulations Doug,
John Kaufmann

Pinetree said...

This fish was likely more like 53 pounds plus with a length of 53 inches and girth of 30 inches. All the formulas I could find put it well over that mark. Quite a fish and we were happy to release it quickly as it had been hooked for some time.