Sunday, February 7, 2010

Maine Striped Bass Regulation Change Petition - Public Scoping Meetings Within a Week

If you are interested in Maine changing it's striped bass fishing regulations, take a look at the below link to a petition requesting change - thanks.
copy and paste the below link to your search engine.

This action will help rebuild Maine's Kennebec River local striped bass stock before it is lost to overfishing. The action may also help with the entire Atlantic Coast striped bass stock which is in steep decline. Without protection, striped bass stocks are likely to crash. It is time to conserve young year classes of striped bass for the future. For a few years, there are ample numbers of large breeding striped bass to service the Chesapeake Bay spawning grounds. The Big Bay can't handle increased numbers of spawning striped bass at this time. It is a sick eco system.


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billb said...

I strongly disagree with the proposal to abandon the slot limit and allow anglers to keep one 36" fish per day. Cutting out the slot would require that any striper killed for a meal be one (most likely a female) that had overcome the odds and reached prime breeding age. I release virtually all the stripers I catch, and would not kill a large breeder. I believe that the proposal to eliminate the slot is not in the best interests of the East Coast striper population. I would support a narrower slot, and think that recreational anglers should focus our energy on the elimination of the commercial striper fishery in other states.
-- Bill Bayreuther, Readfield, ME